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Sept. 10, 2022

Discover These 5 Bands With Your Coffee This Weekend!

Discover These 5 Bands With Your Coffee This Weekend!

There's nothing like enjoying a nice cup of coffee on a Saturday or Sunday and listening to music. Here's some bands to add to your playlist. 


1. Treading Zero

100% Acoustic Heavy Rock 

Sounds weird, but it's balls out wicked to see and hear live. It all comes together, sounds awesome, but different at the same time. Definitely worth your while to check them out. 

Treading Zero is a Canadian acoustic heavy rock band based in Toronto. Treading Zero consists of Tony Nouragas on lead vocals, Rob Butterwick on guitar and samples, Brandon Sennema on bass, and Jesse Vallee on percussion.

Contrasting with the sound of their “plugged-in” contemporaries, the quartet creates an intimate sound that exudes raw, driving energy which draws on the band members’ individual backgrounds. Treading Zero is inspired by the inherent tension that exists in a society that is struggling to adapt to unprecedented change while still maintaining humanity.

check them out - 

Weight Within an Anomaly 



Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/36rkZ4akIvQc4LfeYuuKZe?si=yoU1yOGUSXObcRW7dvdY0g

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-plJhJB9ARzaWZ8TJIqMkg?view_as=subscriber


2. Ascendia

These guys have some big things coming up, the music has come full circle. Originally discovered them while opening for Evergrey. They were solid back then, and I am excited for their new record Parasite to come out.  Their vocalist Nick, is unreal. 

Here is their newest single - This War



I did an interview with them here Ascendia

check them out here - www.ascendiamusic.com 

3. Revive The Rose

Probably one the hardest working bands in Canada. They've got their own label, manage artists, set up their own festivals, and make things happen for themselves. Their singer Andy is charismatic, and just all around seriously awesome on the mic. You don't want to miss these guys!


Revive the Rose is a Niagara born rock band with a conventional sound for everybody. Since 2014, they've rocked their manner via Southern Ontario and are geared up to tackle the arena with effective shows, a sparkling sound, and their very very own beer in more than one extraordinary eating places and bars! Over the years, they've opened for big rock acts which include The Glorious Sons, PUP, Monster Truck, The Trews, Headstones and Bush to call a few. Through those experiences, they've constructed a sturdy fanbase which are constantly excited to peer their active show, and pay attention their new songs that inform testimonies approximately love, life, and shifting via obstacles. Not simplest have they opened for a number of the maximum famous bands withinside the industry, however their tune has additionally obtained sizeable recognition. Their songs were featured withinside the airwaves on famous radio stations which include 102.1 The Edge, Rebel 101.7 and 97.7 HTZ-FM. You may even pay attention them at some point of NHL games. Most notably, their song “Bar Down” has been featured as a warm-up tune in NHL 2021. What’s subsequent for this feel-correct band? A developing fan-base, extra parties, songs to study and love, epic shows, and a contemporary EP. Check out their present day release "Heartless Place EP" to be had on all streaming platforms, and strive a chilly glass in their beer, “Bar Down Lager" - while you want to live hydrated!

My favorite tune - Need You Now

4.  Citizen Soldier
These guys sing about real issues in life. They've got a serious following and an insane amount of listeners on Spotify. I promise you will connect with these guys. Check out their vocalist Jake Segura on Tiktok



Has the pleasure of meeting Joey Arena the vocalist for Ovtlier for a chat on my show. They're a 10 am coffee kind of band, heavy, killer vocals, and wicked hooks. They've been on this show, SiriusXM, and more. Break yourself in by listening to their music here https://www.ovtlier.co/

So much going for them, they've toured with some pretty awesome bands like Gemini Syndrome

Be on the look out for these bands.