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March 24, 2023

Adit Dileep

Adit Dileep
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Adit joins the show to talk about his career, love for cryptocurrency and more!


Unconventional in reel & real life, Adit Dileep is an actor, writer, producer and former investment banker.

Born in Bangalore, India, his parents named him Aditya, which means The Sun, a name he aspires and grows towards. His family is made up of his mother and father and his older sister, Divya.

At age two, his family moved to Singapore for his father's IT profession, and his mother gave up her position as a Journalist interviewing Indian Celebrities for India Today. His family moved throughout their eight years in Singapore, and moved again to the United States before Y2K.

After settling in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Aditya, now 10 years old and fresh off the boat, had to start over. Upon learning that nobody on the school bus could pronounce this new boy's name, some student called him "Adit," and it stuck.

Adit wanted to be an actor, but nobody really knew what he meant or why he had such crazy ideas. When it came time for him to go to college, his parents banned him from applying to art school and gave him three options: medicine, law or engineering. Never one to give in to authority, Adit chose business school, thinking he could learn how to be self-sufficient and run his own brand and company.

Adit went on to be accepted in the Scholar's Program at NYU Stern Business School. Fun fact, Aziz Ansari followed the exact same path. While Aziz went straight into comedy after graduating, Adit took jobs in various different sectors within Marketing, Startups, Publishing and of course, Accounting and Finance. He graduated with a B.S. in Finance & Marketing and, still at a loss for how to make his dreams come true, took the highest paying job he could find in investment banking.

Two years later, he saved up enough to quit and educate himself on the industry. Bright-eyed and idealistic, Adit printed out Yale Drama School's syllabus and crafted his own curriculum with reputable studios and teachers in New York City. Adit got his first big break with a role in Mystic India: The World Tour in 2015, voicing and narrating a script he wrote himself and performing around the U.S. and Europe.

The show got Adit his first Manager, and a few Managers later he booked his first Equity show at Hudson Stage Company in NY, NY followed by long-term theatre contracts at the renown Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN and McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ. These projects earned Adit his first round of Agency meetings, and he couldn't be happier to sign with Artists & Representatives FKA Stone Manners Salners in NY and LA.

He continues to work with Artists & Representatives to this day, along with MKSD Management and Innovative Artists NY for Commercial and VoiceOver.

Theatre "Disgraced" (Guthrie Theatre, McCarter Theatre Center), "Animals Out of Paper"(Hudson Stage Company)

TV Appearances on "Billions" (Showtime), "Succession" (HBO), "Law & Order: SVU" (NBC), "Brown Nation" (Netflix), "Shades of Blue" (NBC), "Deadbeat" (Hulu), "Breakfast in Bangalore" (Amazon Prime)

Film "The Sound of Silence" (Sundance 2019) "Magic Hour" starring Miriam Shor (2020)

Commercial Work: Coinmaster - with Emily Ratajkowski, American Express , Brooks Brothers, WeWork, Geico, Grammarly, Jersey Mike's, Denny's, Wealthsimple, JC Penney, Pandora, Google, Trojan, PWC, Optimum, Carl's Jr.