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Jan. 3, 2022

Is the Epstein and Maxwell story connected to COVID?

Is the Epstein and Maxwell story connected to COVID?
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Joined by journalist Memory Hold, who is popular for exposing the truth on Tiktok and Instagram. We weed through the news you see on mainstream media in a truthful conversation about finding truth behind the story of Epstein and his connection to Bill Gates, and Covid.

How deeply involved was Jeffrey Epstein with developing Moderna's vaccine? Find out here.


About Memory Hold



I am a researcher, citizen journalist, and truth seeker compelled to spread the truth as I learn it to those around me. I seek to adjust the perception on what are popularly known as "Conspiracy Theories" by weeding through the nonsense and sticking to verifiable fact, all while broadcasting the methods I use in order to do so. It was four years ago that my awakening process began, and since then I have made it my mission to broadcast my findings, document my awakening, and spread the truth in a positive, optimistic manner to restore dignity to those who believe in ideas that are often written off as crazy. I hope you'll join me on my, and humanity's, quest toward The Truth!

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