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Feb. 3, 2021

Nathasha Rumbos - Rising Latin Music Artist

Nathasha Rumbos - Rising Latin Music Artist
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Nathasha Rumbos is an up and coming Latin Pop Artist from Miami who amidst the pandemic launched her music career. She has been surrounded by entertainment since an early age where she performed in plays during summer camps, joined band in middle school and then joined chorus in high school. Determined to make a name for herself, she is tackling every area of the entertainment industry. After graduating Florida International University she started singing with cover bands around Miami and now is focusing on developing herself as an artist and a radio personality; keep up with her through her social media name @vocallytash and website www.nathasharumbosmusic.com . Listen to her on all music streaming platforms and Youtube as well where she posts up covers of remixes to popular songs!

You can also catch Nathasha Co-Hosting on Movie Reviews & More by Brian Sebastian on Tuesday's @5pm . PT on K4HD.com or Download the K4HD Radio App.