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May 27, 2022

Pathos & Logos

Pathos & Logos
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On June 24th, instrumental progressive duo Pathos & Logos will release their new EP, Cult. This collection of songs can be pre-ordered now at: pathosandlogos.com/merch - where the tracks are available as individual Tarot Cards (the full record can also be purchased as a photo book, CD, and digital album). For a preview of Cult, a live video [produced by Pathos & Logos with the help of Nick Pelc (@augminished_nick)] for the new single - "Novitiate" - can be viewed now exclusively via The Prog Report: https://progreport.com/pathos-logos-premieres-video-novitiate 

The previously released single, "Regnum", can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kSTwj54dC8


In regards to the Tarot Card packaging (referred to as "The Codex"), Pathos & Logos comments: "We devised this for several reasons…People are using their devices - phones, tablets, etc - to consume music much more than CDs, so 'The Codex' is in part a response to that. It comes in a book format and also as individual cards. Each song on the album has a Tarot-like format that has Art on the front, the name of the song, and a brief statement at the bottom explaining the steps for participating in 'The Order' (our term for like-minded individuals who are serious about art and find meaning from it - including, and hopefully, our art!); the back has QR codes that take the user either to a play-through video of the song, the merch or the tour dates portions of our website. Another reason why we decided to create it was just to do something new and creative that people haven't seen before. This band, its music and its meaning are a long time coming for us, and we really want to do everything we can to make a mark."


For more information about the Tarot Cards and artwork, fans can read an exclusive "Behind The Cover"-interview with guitarist Kyle Neeley and drummer Paul Christiansen at Heaviest of Art: https://www.heaviestofart.com/post/behind-the-cover-pathos-logos-cult