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June 21, 2022


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Preacher is a Metalcore band from Reno, Nevada. The band brings a raw aggressiveness back to the metal sound with songs like "Mora" and “The Man Who Laughs”. Preacher has never been afraid to dive into new genres and explore every avenue of what they can achieve. Their 2022 EP “Dream State” is entirely self-produced, which showcases exactly why they are a force to be reckoned with in the Metalcore genre. 

Preacher has shared the stage with: • As I Lay Dying • Chelsea Grin • Within the Ruins • Kingdom of giants • Slaughter to Prevail • The Black Dahlia Murder • Attila • And More…

For Fans Of: • The Devil Wears Prada • The Fever 333 • Beartooth • Pierce The Veil