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Sept. 2, 2022

Former Rob Zombie Guitarist Riggs, talks about his new band Scum of The Earth.

Former Rob Zombie Guitarist Riggs, talks about his new band Scum of The Earth.


Episode available now:  https://www.meetmeforcoffee.co/former-rob-zombie-guitarist-riggs-talks-about-his-band-scum-of-the-earth/


Former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs and his band Scum Of The Earth needs all people to recognize that Aliens are already here."This is a tune approximately historic extraterrestrial beings dwelling withinside the face on Mars and hiding out on this planet exterminating humans ..." says Riggs. Nasty guitar and commercial beats are what fanatics anticipate from S.O.T.E. and that they may not be allow down with this launch.

The unmarried marks the primary launch for SOTE below their new label cope with TLG / INgrooves.


SOTE had an preliminary NFT presenting of a hundred portions via Fanaply that went quickly - https://fanaply.com/creator/scumoftheearth. Another presenting of LTD version NFT's can be to be had subsequent week.


The acquainted songwriting and guitars that permeates Scum of the Earth's fabric isn't anyt any coincidence; the opportunity metallic outfit is led via way of means of Riggs, an in-your-face singer, guitarist, songwriter, and manufacturer who's satisfactory recognised for the six years he spent with Rob Zombie. Riggs joined forces with Rob Zombie withinside the '90s and stayed with him into the early 2000s, in the end leaving in 2004 (whilst Rob Zombie become in large part that specialize in movies in place of music) to begin a task of his own.Riggs songwriting and crunching guitars may be heard on Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe, American Made Music To Strip By, The Sinister Urge, and the Past, Present & Future records. Named after a tune from Rob Zombie's Sinister Urge, Scum of the Earth favors the kind of rhythmic, commercial-influenced, mildly funky, hip-hop-minded opportunity metallic that Riggs honed in the course of the Rob Zombie days. The decadent, over-the-pinnacle feel of fun, a darkish feel of humor, and a fascination with horror movies, the Occult, B-movies, and sleaze is shared via way of means of RIGGS. But in comparison to such agencies as Slayer -- who take their loss of life metallic outlook pretty seriously -- Scum of the Earth's lyrics are very tongue-in-cheek.